sukamade turtle beach

Exciting Adventure Sensation
Rocky steep streets will you feel along the way when entering the area of ​​merubetiri National Park. Entering the protected forest, the streets are dark in the forest trees filled with flora fauna is still complete into a very tense adrenaline. Off-road or double-ax car becomes a mandatory option to explore the national park forest. Adventure no less tense when the car enters the river area, tourists will be invited down the river and cross it.

watching rare turtles lay their eggs
Sukamade beach is known as a part of conservation area since 1972. Being an area with Merubetiri National Park, Sukamade Beach is an isolated and deserted area. It is a favorite place for turtles to spawn. Every night dozens of turtles are large from the Indian and pacific oceans anchored to this place to lay their eggs. There are 4 species of six species of rare turtle in the world that lay their eggs along the coast at night until dawn

Watching the Turtle Paradise
july to november is the best season to enjoy turtle nesting. At night tourists will be invited to the coast to watch turtles lay their eggs. there are also conservation areas as well as semi-natural turtle nesting places. In the morning a variety of habitats will you meet in this place, which became a very exciting experience when tourists will be invited release the babies turtle into the sea.

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