ijen crater

Natural beauty
Ijen Crater has a natural phenomenon that is blue fire, this phenomenon is only two in the world in Ijen Crater and in Dallol Volcano, Danakil Drepression, Ethiophia just here not at all times just like in Ijen Crater. This natural phenomenon arises at night, This occurs due to gas marbles that come out of gas pipes. When the sun comes the green crater will look beautiful. Green colored crater tosca has the largest acid content in the world and has a depth of up to 200

Anything in ijen?
In addition to the natural beauty, along the way you will meet the sulfur miners pacing back and forth. The cart and the trolley will be full of brimstone. Those who use kerangjang in a way in the pelvis, can carry sulfur reaches 80-100 kg. The miners will take sulfur on the crater lip, bring to the top and move to the trolley to be brought down to the connection. Sulfur will be on sale Rp. 1000 per kg to the factory to be processed into half of the goods

Access to Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater can be traveled 45 – 1 hour drive from the center of Banyuwangi to the last stop “PALTUDING”, from here the climb begins to pass the path with a varied slope. From the Paltuding post to the peak trip as far as 3km estimate travel time 1-3 hours journey. Previously bought a ticket in the forest protection and conservation of nature (PHPA) Mount Merapi and Ijen which is open at 01.00 in the morning until at 09.00 am. Entrance indonesia Tourist Days

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    […] you return to your hotel. All safety equipment is provided on this tour. 7-hour evening tour of the Ijen volcano from Banyuwangi Trek to the summit of the mighty volcano to see the billowing smoke of the sulphur […]

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